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Rolling Stone! 

Ladle Fight was recently featured in the February 2011 Rolling Stone Magazine, German edition!
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Here is a translation: 

Justin Bieber? Old fart. These four gentlemen will turn 14 this year. And what could be more of a harbinger of the future than the youngest Indie rock band in the world?

Ben wants to start a band. Zeke too. Ben and Zeke come from a green suburb of Washington, D.C., are both eight years old and have been friends since they were able to talk. They name their group The Sporks, then Blah Blah Blah, then High Definition. In the end they decide on Ladle Fight. They add two friends, Ian and Michael, also eight. Ian is supposed to be the manager. Because there is almost nothing for the manager of a band of eight-year-olds to do, Ian sits himself down at the drum set. The first song that they write is called “LA.” Not one of them has been there, but it sounds like a place, about which one could write a cool song.

Today, about five years later, Ladle Fight still exists. Only difference is that Ian and Michael are now about a head taller than Ben and Zeke. That’s puberty. They just released, shortly before their fourteenth birthdays, their first album. It is also available on iTunes. At the release party, the club was as full as a Tokyo subway in rush hour. There were girls there, who before the event had written on Facebook how excited they were.

The band recently appeared on the U.S. radio station NPR. In the resulting video the guys look sweet. That is until they start to play, then one finds them cool. The songs too: impeccably nonconformist (Indie-)Rock, that promises much in future and already has left much behind. Ben sings as though he secretly smokes. About global warming, George Bush, and an allergy to water. The question about influences is answered by guitarist Zeke, think sorcerer’s apprentice: Vampire Weekend, The Walkmen, Magnetic Fields, Fleet Foxes, Wavves, Yeasayer.

How long will Ladle Fight manage to stay together? Says Ian: “Either we’ll be around for one more year – or until we all die.